Sunday, June 25, 2006


Yesterday, I sent the last five chapters to my betas. YAAAY! I had saved those chapters because I hadn't written the climactic battle scene (chapter 16) yet - I skipped over it and wrote the end instead. I knew I could write a good battle scene, having done quite a few of them in my Harry Potter novels. It was an amazing relief to send it out and realize I'm FREE for a while! Until I get the betas' responses (and I've already received some, and so far, they like it and haven't had too many suggestions, which means I did a decent job to start with! YAY!), I'm FREE and can do other things! I have a painting to work on, three sculptures in various stages to work on, and some more HP stories to write to keep my HP readers happy (and fill in the gaps I left in the epilogue to "The Time of Destiny" which you can read on my Yahoo group: - be sure to read "Refiner's Fire" first, or some things in Destiny won't make sense!). So now I'm off to write wedding stories for my HP fans, and maybe a few SF/F stories for the short story market (hopefully), too. It was an amazing thing, though, the sense of freedom I had after sending that file off to the betas. HUZZAH! LOL!


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