Friday, September 08, 2006


I just sent out a second email query and have a stack of fat envelopes to send to nine other literary agents. "Star Sons" is now officially put to bed, waiting to hear from the agent who's going to find me a publisher who LOVES my work so I can see these (at least) three books (it's at least a trilogy) published before I get too old to enjoy it!!

I feel like such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, having all this work finished. I'm nearly giddy with it! NOW I'm free to go to my painting workshop and have fun there, and to play with a little story that's niggling the back of my mind, as well as getting going on the second Star Sons book. YAAAAAAAAAY!

I do realize there may be significant changes in my novel once an editor gets hold of it, which may impact the second novel, but I want to get my ideas down while they're jumping around in my head, so I'll get going with it soon. Three chapters already exist, although it's untitled. I'm looking forward to moving on to another novel! Yay!

Anyway, YIPPEE! I'm off to the post office with all these queries!


  1. Good luck with having multiple agents breaking down your door to get the first shot at publishing the story... :)

    So you have free time? Should we expect another HP ficlet? *innocent look*

  2. Free time???? I'm off to a painting workshop, then the next week I'm visiting our daughter in Maryland! But yes, I do have an HP ficlet tickling the back of my brain. . .and hopefully, it will be a fun one!