Saturday, November 17, 2007

Of Nano and GREAT readers!

You can see from the count thingie that I'm not doing Nano this year (and have been too busy to remove the count thingie from my blog). I'm busy proofreading my novel, "Star Sons: Dawn of the Two" which should be published in January, with a possible "soft publication" in December, yay!! So between that and all the traveling I've been doing with my art, I haven't had time to think about new novels. I am working on a new short story for an anthology, but it's only 2700 words so far and nowhere near the end.

As for "great readers" -- the folks on my Yahoo site (you know who you are!) are the BEST in the WORLD! They've spotted a second instance (in a few months!) of someone copying my Harry Potter novel, "The Refiner's Fire" nearly word for word and posting it as their own work on various sites! And then when I couldn't get the reporting system on those sites to work for non-techie me, they did it for me! Bless their hearts!! They take EXCELLENT care of me!! And I'll be repaying them the way they like best by beginning the upload of my latest HP story, "Now and Forever" in December. Thanks again, guys!! You rock!!

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