Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fanfiction thieves and Star Sons update

For some reason, I've been the victim of repeated thefts of my story, "The Refiner's Fire." First there was the 13 year old girl who thought it was okay to rewrite my exact plot but with different names for the characters and with Harry working for artists, not as a tile installer. She had his summer job as "cleaning brushes" for these artists. I'm a professional artist. Fine art painters do not allow other people to clean their brushes (or if so, rarely, and then it has to be an apprentice or someone else expert in the artist's methods) because fine art brushes are very expensive and can easily be ruined. I made Harry a mosaic artist because I'm an artist and know how mosaics are done and how the pieces are marketed. I also believe Harry is good at seeing patterns in events and coming to conclusions, so why not put his pattern-seeing ability to artistic use? Anyway, that girl took her story down and hasn't stolen from me since then.

Then there came Griffin23 who stole Refiners and posted it as his own story ("Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ailment" rather than "The Refiner's Fire") on several sites, including My readers always alert me when such a thing is happening, but this clown posted that story to TWICE in less than a month, with no changes to what he'd posted before, not even to his screen name! He changed my chapter titles to synonyms of what I had, and made some other changes in various places, but everyone who read it knew it was my story. It took some doing, but the offending stories were finally removed from the sites where they were posted and Griffin23 faded into the Internet ether. Good riddance!

Then last night, I get a message from a reader that Refiner's was being posted on again, this time as a straight cut-and-paste but with the title changed to "Harry Potter and the Refiner's Fire" (the real title is "The Refiner's Fire"). The idiot posting it ("LFC DJE") said he had "received permission from the original author to upload it" -- HE DID NOT!!!!!!!! To add insult to injury, he misspelled "received" and "author"!!!! It took a couple of hours, but the story has been removed. (The site owners are cooperative about taking the stories down, thank goodness.) But to have the same story posted THREE TIMES on the SAME site in less than two months? ARGH!!!!!!!!!! (Note to LFC DJE and Griffin23 - don't touch my stories again!!!)

For those who've read my fanfiction stories - I'm normally a pretty nice person, but when you steal from me, I don't take it well at all. I have NEVER given ANYONE permission to post my stories ANYWHERE except for two people, one of whom posts my stories to FFA, SIYE and my Yahoo group for me, while the other handles the OWL site. I post to FFN and Schnoogle myself. These "helper elves" of mine have permission to upload my stories, but they're uploading my stories under MY NAME, not their own (bless them!!).

If you ever see one of my stories someplace with someone else's name on it, let me know, okay? I will not stand for this kind of thievery! I use ideas from my HP fanfics in my original novels (the ORIGINAL ideas are NOT JKR's so there's no problem with my reusing them!), and I will not allow anyone to steal my stories.

On a happier note: "Star Sons--Dawn of the Two" has been delayed a bit in publication, but I've seen a proof of it, and it's beautiful! What an amazing feeling to hold a real book in my hands and know that's MY story in there! SO cool! I expect it to be on by the end of January unless there's another glitch in the process!

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  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I've been reading your hp fanfic's, the refiner's fire as well as its sequel. i like that you gave HP superpowers. about his relationships, the way you depicted harry & casey's relationship made it seem sweeter and deeper than H/G's though.
    but i was unable to finish RF2 coz i simply had to stop coz i just couldn't wrap my head around the way you've depicted hermione - i mean the lorenzo thing. you have something against her character?