Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another day's writing. . .

Wow, today's work has gone well. I've been interrupted by a trip to the vet (to get our new cat checked out - he's fine!), other errands, had to clean the stalls, was going to ride my horse Jack, but it's too darned hot (90's here and humid) - no point in making my poor horse suffer. I'll try to ride in the evening. But while cleaning stalls (one of my best times for inspiration), I had a brilliant (I HOPE!) idea for the story, which will add some tension now that I'm building toward the climax. And I came up with another villain, part of a sub-plot I've been struggling with. COOL! It's great when it all works!!

Yesterday, I bought a new thesaurus (a "21st Century" one, LOL!) that has newer slang and so forth in it. It's been very helpful today, even though I haven't been using slang. The "naming characters" book I got last week has also been very helpful. I found a lovely name for a character yesterday, something unusual and rather British, and then last night I saw pictures of local high school kids and one of them had the same unusual name! LOL! Ah well, that's what I get for trying to be unique. I think I'll keep that name, though. I think it suits the character, and it IS unusual.


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