Thursday, February 01, 2007

Media bias, grrrrrr

I was simply appalled by the ridiculous media bias shown on ABC's "Good Morning America" when Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts and an English correspondant reported on Daniel Radcliffe's publicity photos for the play "Equus." The reporters expounded repeatedly on their idea that parents wouldn't want their children to see "Harry Potter" nude. (Children aren't going to be taken to see "Equus," which is such an intense play, it's difficult for many adults to watch.) The reporters completely ignored the fact that every person they interviewed for the story supported Daniel's decision to appearin "Equus" as a very professional way to progress in his career from child star to an adult actor whose work is taken seriously. Even the mother of young children who was interviewed simply shrugged and said, "He's an actor. He isn't Harry Potter or a role model. He has a right to do what he wants to with his career." One person said Daniel was being very professional in his choices by taking a challenging part and changing his looks to prove he can do adult work, rather than partying, getting drunk and getting into trouble to "prove" he's a grown-up. And those who think that, at 17, he's too young for such a part need to remember that he is English, and he is "legal" there for such things at his age. Also, the British aren't as offended by nudity as some Americans are.

The photos themselves are true works of fine art and were shot in good taste. Some of them are comparable to many photographs, paintings andsculptures I've seen in art museums. As a fine artist myself, I am envious of the skill shown by the photographer, Uli Weber. I've done a lot of photography over the years, and won awards for it, but Mr. Weber's work is astoundingly beautiful.

ABC News just lost another household. We stopped watching Dan Rather when his lies and bias became obvious. For ABC's reporters to say exactly the opposite of what the people interviewed said about this subject is another form of media bias we will not tolerate. I really like Diane Sawyer most of the time. I'm ashamed of her for allowing this story to run as it did.

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