Monday, February 05, 2007


That squealing you can hear all across the country (surely you can, right??) is ME!!!!! I just put all the chapters of my novel together and did a total word count. I was SO worried it was going to be WAAAAAY over the 120,000 limit for first-time fantasy novelists, since it was 115,000+ when I started editing/revising, and parts of it have "grown" considerably. But one chapter got deleted completely, saving me 1800 words (which isn't much in the overall scheme of things), and I've been polishing polishing polishing as hard as I can go. So are you ready for my combined chapter word total????? WHOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Doing the happy dance here! It's 122,272, and some of that is chapter headings ("Chapter 1, Chapter 2," etc. through chapter 51 - so that's 102 words, right, that don't count in the word total? So I'm down to 122,170! YAAAAY!) I can trim 2170 words outta there, no problem!! YAAAAAAY!!!

Doing the happy dance here!!! (And there was nothing wrong with the chapter I cut - it was just not "necessary" to the flow of the story, so I cut it. Nice chapter, too bad it's gone, but YAY that I'm so close to the right word count! HUZZAH!!!!

Here I go, doing a celebratory squealy circle dance all by myself!

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