Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jim Baen's Universe magazine

Someone (Hi, Sam!) suggested I try Jim Baen's Universe magazine. I recently read the October 2006 issue, and enjoyed it greatly! There are stories there in mind-boggling variety. My particular favorites were Mike Resnick's "All the Things You Are," an intriguing "love" story, and S. Andrew Swann's "A Time to Kill" about a time-traveling sniper who does his job magnificently well, but with horribly unforeseen consequences. The stories range in locale from the deepest reaches of space to the American frontier, in time from the distant past to the unforeseeable future. Fascinating stuff!

As an artist myself, I was particularly impressed with the beautiful illustrations for each story. They not only enhanced the story, but gave me even more to think about as I studied the artist's interpretation of the story.

This issue includes stories by well-known authors as well as first-time authors, a "classic" ("A Matter of Fact" by Rudyard Kipling) and two serial installments, non-fiction articles and columns.

You can read Jim Baen's Universe, which was the last project Baen started before his death last year, at Check it out! If you enjoy SF/Fantasy, I believe you'll enjoy it!

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