Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Putting on an art show

For the fourth year in a row, I'm putting together an equine art show at Dancing Horse Farm in Lebanon, Ohio.  The first year, the show was part of the farm's Grand Opening celebration and was a children's art-only show.  We had such great entries from kids from three years old thruogh eighteen year olds.  We gave fun prizes donated by local merchants and the K-12 Gallery in Dayton OH.  The second year, at what has become Dancing Horse Farm's Annual Spring Fling Horse and Equine Art Show, the artists invited to enter the show were all from the Equine Art Guild, one of the groups I belong to.  Last year,  we opened it up to anyone who wanted to enter, but we didn't advertise it widely.  We had entries from the Equine Art Guild and others, including one entry from The Netherlands!  We've had Canadians in the previous show, so it's been an international show for a couple of years now.

Next year's show will have an interesting new wrinkle - Jennifer Truett, owner of Dancing Horse Farm (and my daughter) and I have been talking to the owner of a lovely art gallery in the heart of the historic district of Lebanon.  We're working out details now, but it looks like once the Spring Fling weekend is over, the art show will be moved to this gallery for a couple of weeks, which will expose it to a lot more traffic!  The lady who owns the gallery couldn't be nicer and it's a beautiful gallery in a great area.  There should be lots of traffic through the show, which hopefully will lead to good sales!

I don't know why I consider doing all the work involved in putting on an art show to be "fun" but I do - silly me!  I'm really excited.  This is the first time we've had the prospectus and other things lined up early enough to get good coverage in magazines!  I'm hoping to get some editorial coverage as well as listing the show itself.  Cross your fingers that I can pull this off! 

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