Monday, September 14, 2009

Resin casting/mold making

I get all kinds of questions via my website from those who are just learning to sculpt.  Today I got one from a retired dentist who is using his moldmaking and casting skills from dental work for his scuptures.  He wanted to know how to make molds for sculptures.  Well, gee, that's a wee bit more than I can do in an email - it's a weekend-long class, one I'm not really qualified to teach since I'm only an expert moldmaker for one-part molds (open-face molds for reliefs).  I decided long ago that it would take too much of my time to learn how to make 3-D molds properly.  I made a few, did some casting and decided I'd rather sculpt and pay someone else to do the casting!  (That said, I am looking for a reasonably priced resin caster - please email me if you do such work so we can discuss what I need and whether you're the person I'm looking for!)  I told the person who wrote me that I took a moldmaking class at Syn-Air in Chattanooga TN years ago and I highly recommend them - but then I looked for their website so I could see if they're still doing classes and they've been sold!!!!  ARGH! 

If you use SynAir products for art, you can still buy them through your local distributor or via Puma Polymers  who are now producing the Pour-A-Kast and Pour-A-Mold I like to recommend to beginners because they're so easy to use.

While looking for another site offering classes and materials, I found which includes a link to quite a few instructional YouTube videos as well as information on classes they provide.  I learned something new while watching the first video, and that's always fun!  So I guess I'll be recommending them to those who ask for such information in the future - I sure found their videos to be well-done and interesting.  And now I'm itching to play with some of those new products I saw used in the videos!  NO NO!  Bad artist!  Stick with the current projects until they're FINISHED and THEN you can play.  *sigh*


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