Sunday, July 09, 2006

Learning the ropes

I've been whining about my blogging problems on my writers newsgroup, the Critters newsgroup over at A fellow traveller on this "working toward publication" road has shared blogging advice and information as well as her blog address: Her blog is fun and informative as well, and has given me ideas on how to improve mine. Thanks, Sherri! I was going to post her link in my "links" section, then found that there IS no "links section" here as there is on my website! ( Ah well, writing it in the text of a post works just as well, I suppose.

Today I'm stealing time from helping my hubby spread mulch (now that we've changed from church clothes to grubs) to look at my e's and update my blog. I've had some WONDERFUL ideas for my second novel, *not one* of which has been written down in any form yet!! I HAVE to get some writing time, but that doesn't happen when hubby's home, bless him. He works so hard and I get a big case of "the guilts" if I'm not out there with him (unless he's doing something I can't help with - alas, spreading mulch IS within my capabilities!! *sigh*) His office picnic is HERE next week, so we've been working hard to get our landscaping in shape, which is a major job since we have a farm and a huge yard, and the "townies" who'll be coming want to tour the farm, my sculpture studio, the artwork I have in the house, etc. So EVERYTHING has to be as nice as possible. It's fun to host the picnic, but what a lot of work to get ready for it! And I'm SO FRUSTRATED that I haven't had time to write for DAYS because of all this "busyness." Ah well. I'll find some time this week to get that novel off the ground!!

Meanwhile, a ficlet I started to keep my Harry Potter fans happy (and to take a break from Ethan and Jake's tale) has grown to about 50 pages!! That's single-spaced, mind you! And it's such fun! My readers are all excited to have a nice long Abraxan fic to read soon. But my betas, who are busy with my novel - I'm not sure when/if they'll have time to work on it! It will all work out in the end. I should stop being such a worrywart. Of course, being a worrywart is keeping me from spreading mulch. . . .heehee.



  1. Lynda, you're the least whiny person I know! Especially in cyberspace where for some reason people feel bad behavior is not only okay, but a duty.

    Thanks for the nod, lady! If you need my help setting up a links section, let me know.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh, I'm relieved you don't think I've been whining on the Critters group!! I've FINALLY got this thing working properly, although I couldn't manage to upload a photo. *sigh* What size are they supposed to be? Then again, I'd most likely put one up of my horse, or my cat, or a sculpture rather than me - they're all a lot better-looking than I am! LOL! Thanks for visiting and posting!