Saturday, July 29, 2006


Yesterday, I finished a straight-through revision of "Star Sons" that took into consideration the input of, um, (counting on fingers) three of my five betas. Hopefully the other two will get their input in soon! But by leaving it for so long, and then reading it straight through, I was able to catch little mistakes in continuity, repetitions of certain phrases, a few illogical or not-explained-well-enough things, and also get a feel for the flow of the book. I enjoyed the first part a lot, and when it got to the battle stuff, WOW! It SINGS! And the aftermath is excellent too! I think the pacing of the first part is good for the kind of thing it is, establishing the characters and setting, etc. The next book will have battles and "fluff" (some romance) in it, and the third will have the same things but more intensely as we reach the climax of the trilogy.

My friend, Asad Asif Asad's Blog has left a couple of comments and I'm trying to figure out if there's an easier way to install links (his in particular, since we're exchanging links) in this site. Putting them in via the html is a pain. Ah well, it's all part of the learning curve, right?

Earlier today, I sent "Beginnings" (my new HP fic, 78 pages long, I think) to Asad, who's my techie on my Yahoo group, and Iris, who uploads for me on the OWL site. I went through and polished that twice in the last day or so, and it's a fun read. It's a lot easier to just start a story in the middle of things than to establish the characters, setting, what their abilities are, how magic works there, etc., as I have to do in my original fics. On to the second book of the "Star Sons" saga!



  1. You can just put the link in the links sidebar where you have the link to the group and your site. At least, that's how I have done it and it works fine.

    Good thing that you can learn something through it. Tweaking HTML, PHP and CSS is fun.

  2. No updates after this article?

  3. The link which you have modified points to You might want to edit that.