Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm still learning how to use this blogger format and have just listed this blog with a couple of "pinging" sites, one of which wanted a picture. So this is the picture I chose - I'm the blond in the hat (although my hair in shadow doesn't look blond here). The "redhead" is my Quarter Horse, "Impowered for Time" ("Jack" to his friends and he thinks nearly EVERYBODY's his friend). I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera, so there aren't a lot of pictures of me, which is fine. I hate breaking cameras by letting them take my picture! LOL!

I may be changing the template here, since for some reason the links section doesn't show on this one (it's in the HTML, it just doesn't show online). I'm not techie enough to figure out what's wrong with the template, so I'll just try another!

Meanwhile, the polishing of the novel is going very well indeed! I'm nearly 160 pages through (it's 272 single-spaced pages long right now) a very detailed edit, and I like what I'm seeing. Planning on the second novel is racing along and I wish I had time to work on it, but I want to finish this polishing job on the first one while all the details of the story are fresh in my mind.



  1. Is this black template the new one? It's good that you changed it. The previous one was split halfway down the page and the text wasn't much visible below the split.

  2. Hi, Asad! It's not black, it's teal (a deep greenish blue). Dunno why it would look black to you. I didn't know the other template cut off partway down - that's weird. It didn't look that way here! But it also didn't show the links that were in the html, which is also weird. Ah well. Glad you like this template!


  3. It might seem black to me since I am accessing this site through a proxy but this one still comes out properly while the previous one didn't.