Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another day's writing. . .

Wow, today's work has gone well. I've been interrupted by a trip to the vet (to get our new cat checked out - he's fine!), other errands, had to clean the stalls, was going to ride my horse Jack, but it's too darned hot (90's here and humid) - no point in making my poor horse suffer. I'll try to ride in the evening. But while cleaning stalls (one of my best times for inspiration), I had a brilliant (I HOPE!) idea for the story, which will add some tension now that I'm building toward the climax. And I came up with another villain, part of a sub-plot I've been struggling with. COOL! It's great when it all works!!

Yesterday, I bought a new thesaurus (a "21st Century" one, LOL!) that has newer slang and so forth in it. It's been very helpful today, even though I haven't been using slang. The "naming characters" book I got last week has also been very helpful. I found a lovely name for a character yesterday, something unusual and rather British, and then last night I saw pictures of local high school kids and one of them had the same unusual name! LOL! Ah well, that's what I get for trying to be unique. I think I'll keep that name, though. I think it suits the character, and it IS unusual.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well, that was easy!

I've got the blog set up now! Yay! Wish writing the novel was as easy. It rolls along quickly for a while, then gets bogged down as I try to work through where it's going next, or what details need to be included to make it more real to the reader. Naming some characters has taken up whole days at times, researching names online and in various books I have at hand. Such problems can be very frustrating, and it's not the best thing that it's so easy to access the internet via my computer - I can get distracted and waste a lot of what would be good writing time if I'm not careful! But then again, if the writing were flowing well, I wouldn't be tempted to read my email or what the latest news is on The Leaky Cauldron. *sigh* I LOVE my characters, and the story seems to be a good one (fingers tightly crossed - darned hard to type this way!), but at times the story just drives me bonkers!! *I* think it's good. I love it when I read it - it reads really well. But does it move fast enough?? I'm enjoying exploring and developing the personalities of my characters. I'm enjoying watching them learn magic, make new friends, find girlfriends. . .but as you can see from my posts so far, it's REALLY easy for me to type a lot of words in a short time (well, you can't see how fast I type, but trust me, I'm really good at typing!!!). At some point, I'm going to have to cut whole sections from the novel to tighten it up and make it flow better. That's going to be hard for me, becuase I enjoy all the scenes in it so far. Ah well. Enough griping for tonight. It will be interesting to see if anyone responds to this blog.


Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm known to a lot of you as "Abraxan," author of two Harry Potter fanfic novels, "The Refiner's Fire" and its sequel, "The Time of Destiny" (and some ficlets that I've written since Destiny, which fit into its epilogue). I'm busy writing an original novel aimed at real-life publication. It's called "Star Sons" (so far - the publisher, once I find one, may change the title, but I HOPE they don't!) and is a trilogy (so far!). I thought it would be fun to start a blog and let people see the process I go through when writing. I'm also hoping you'll become interested enough in my writing to read my Harry Potter fanfics (and leave reviews!) as well as my original novels! You can read them on my Yahoo group: They're also listed on, Sink Into Your Eyes (, and (Schnoogle)

"Star Sons" is a hero-quest magical fantasy novel, similar to "Lord of the Rings," "Harry Potter," Star Wars." My heroes are two brothers, Ethan and Jake Payne, who are mages. My hubby and I went to England recently on a vacation, and some of the things I observed and learned there are being incorporated into the novel.

I don't plan to reveal a lot of the plot to "Star Sons" here, but I will discuss the process, the research, the frustration and the fun I go through while trying to create a novel that will appeal to a wide audience. I hope you'll enjoy those posts!