Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Making Some Changes

Moving to a new home is EXHAUSTING but the living area of the house is nearly finished. We still have boxes to unpack in the office and we don't want to talk about the basement which is piled up with boxes waiting to be unpacked in my studio!  The majority of the living space is comfortable and we almost remember where we put things, which is great!  Yay!

Due to the move and how much longer it's taking to get things finished than expected, I'm going to cancel plans for an April workshop.  I'm not sure I'll be ready that soon, but I expect I will be ready for workshops and regular students by summer, so stay tuned!  Only you'll want to "stay tuned" via the blog on my website,  I already have a post there catching you up on all my news. 

I will leave this blog up for reference sake, but future posts will be on my website's blog, so please follow me there!