Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here's the final cover for "Star Sons"!!! I'm so excited! The real cover will have stronger colors, but isn't this gorgeous?!

The book designer will be sending the book to the printer in just a couple of days - soon I'll have a proof of the book in my hot little hands! YAY!

Writing novels is definitely a labor of love. I don't know that any monetary value could be put on the hours and hours and hours of effort that went into researching, writing, polishing, editing, polishing, editing again, etc. And then there was the agonizing wait to hear from those I'd asked to read it. Would they think it was any good? What would I need to change to make it better? What a relief it was when all of them liked the story and they didn't find huge problems with it! Yay!

I know very few authors make a profit with their novels, but it will be a thrill to have a real book of my novel! Can't wait!!

You can read a sample chapter here: http://www.whimsyhill.com/. Please leave comments when you read it!

Monday, December 03, 2007

What fun!!!!

I uploaded the first chapter of my novel, Star Sons: Dawn of the Two (which will be published soon) to my HP Yahoo group and to my writing group, as well as to the publishing website (http://www.whspubs.com/). I was nervous as could be, exposing my "baby" to the world that way, but it's gotta get out there and be read if it's gonna be successful!! Imagine my delight when I got a bunch of responses very quickly, all cheering and delighted with it and wanting to know when and where they can buy it! YES! That's sweet music to my ears!!!!

The book's cover is being set up now - as soon as it's ready to go, the book will be printed! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Can't wait to have it in my hands!!! Exciting times here!